Division of Environmental Safety Office of General Affairs

◎About Us
The Division of Environmental Safety was established on April 4 2007.
Its major responsibilities are to prevent pollutions on campus, and to ensure the safety of laboratories, factories and other issues related to environmental safety and hygiene. The division continues executing environmental education and promoting government policies related to environmental protection issues.
The university forms a first level committee of environmental protection and labor safety. The President is the chairman and the Dean of General Affairs works as the Executive Secretary. The Division of Environmental Safety is in charge of the general of the committee.
◎Trash can: Classification
2. recycling items category
(1)    paper
(2)    PE Bottles
(3)    plastic bottles
(4)    Tin and Aluminum Cans
(5)    electrical appliances
(6)    batteries
(7)    light bulbs and fluorescent tubes
(8)    glass
(9)    Tetra Paks
(10) textile and fabrics
(11) non-compostable food waste
(12) compostable food waste
◎Contact Us
Tel: +886-2-2538-1111#5811、Fax: +886-2-2533-6293
Department of Environmental Protection, Taipei City Government
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